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experimentelle reise durch den raum mit hilfe von gesang,kanon,sprache,loops und soundsequenzen. philomena hat in wien jazzgesang studiert. hoerbeispiele unter


Der Hirsch des Wahnsinns

Der Hirsch des Wahnsinns is one of the verses of "Al Infierno" ("To Hell") by the Spanish poet Leopoldo María Panero. This poem and some others by Rainer María Rilke, Rafael Alberti and John Milton were used at a soundwalk commissioned in 2010 for the gardens surrounding a famous statue of the Fallen Angel in Madrid. Updating some of those sound materials (in binaural format) with some new others (in ambisonic format) I propose you the listening of an acousmatic composition inspired by the Fallen Angels, understanding them as those who, though created as good beings, freely chose the wrong way.

Enrique Tomás [ultranoise] is a sound artist attracted to his computers to create immersive textures of sounds. Working with space as ?the material?, his concerts make us discover our capabilities for active listening in extreme range of amplitudes and frequencies. Without concessions to music his performances explore individual construction via aural imagination. The sonic space is not composed with certainty. Rather there is a sense of doubtful but intent while finding where we are at the same time as composing the landscape. His work (performances, installations, interventions, etc) was presented around Europe and America as solo artist or as part of collectives like (sound heritage), Endphase (conceptual electroacoustic improvisation), Atmosfera::Sustrato_Ruido (Public Space sound art), Labor Orchestra (Laptop Orchestra), etc.


12. maerz 2012